Storyteller, poet, author, educator, speaker,
book shoppe owner


Welcome to My Seriously Joy-filled World of Words!

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a writer

I started writing when I was seven because of my Grade Two teacher. It was like I discovered fire! I knew then I wanted to be a writer. For over thirty-two years, I’ve been a published author of books for all ages, in all genres. I’m still dancing with words and their fiery magic. Many of my books are delight and fancy, others address serious issues and darker corners of life.

a storyteller

I’m a storyteller with a passion for the oral tradition. I have faith in community and the magical power of poetry, narrative and art. When I studied English my focus was on poetry and children’s literature and literacy education. My speaking and workshops cover creativity, literacy, children’s and women’s issues, mental health, storytelling, contemplative writing.

I’m a writer, reciter, a speaker, a teacher, a sister, a daughter, a mother, a wife.
A listener, a seeker, a maker of nonsense, a reader, a leader, a lipslippery fool.
A doctor, a walker, a talk-talk-talk- talker, a giggle-glad Oma, an odd sort of soul.
Yearner and learner, an ever beginner!
Hope is my teacher, life is my school.