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2020 proved Rilke right — there are sleeping dragons all around

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Check out my latest interview with David Myles

October 2020

A pandemic inspired podcast of utter nonsense! For children, big and small.

April 2020

Sheree Fitch invites you into the world of words on this energetic journey of imagination and creativity—and fun. It’s Mabel Murple’s Popping Purple Wordspinning World. Come on in!

Everything has changed

April 2020

On April 20, 2020, thinking about children in this hard time of self -isolation and on a tragic day in Nova Scotia, where I live ,this poem flowed from a place of great pain. I was honored to read the prayer/poem on air it as part of the vigil Jonathan Torrens organized and conducted with such grace. You can watch on the link below.

You can listen to this interview on CBC Mainstreet with Jeff Douglas.

You can freely share this version of poem that the Halifax Library printed and shared online. You cannot use the poem or words from it on merchandise to make a profit or as a fundraiser. No one has been granted that copyright permission.

People are asking also if the poem is in a book. The poem is not in a book or a book at this time. My book on sorrow in the wake of losing my son is called You Won’t Always Be This Sad.

Just share the words freely, take care, and love one another.

Send me a note. I welcome them.

-Sheree Fitch

Praise for You Won’t Always Be This Sad

November 2019

“Grief, like love, is a skill and one that must be taught, nurtured and learned. This passing of knowledge is difficult in a society that is challenged with ‘grief literacy’. Sheree Fitch takes us beyond the self-help culture to intimately share her personal experience as a daughter, a wife and profoundly as a mother. She courageously invites her reader to be present in this labyrinth of her grief, to bear witness to the ultimate outcome love asks of all of us in our lives. Sheree, like a guide in a wilderness takes us through the dark & light recesses while holding us steady through the wisdom passed along to her.

“You won’t always be this sad” is a book I highly recommend for book clubs as a profound opportunity to collectively liberate the unspoken parts of our lives, the gift you share with those in your life seeking connection in their bereavement- and for each of us who reconcile that joy and sadness are natural parts of all of our existence. She has created a strong sense of connection during a time that so many people experience disconnection”

– Serena Lewis, MSW, RSW

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