ISBN: 9781551432892

Pocket Rocks

Author: Sheree Fitch
Artist: Helen Flook
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

The thing of it was, Ian wished every day was someplace else. Or summertime. Or Saturday. He wished he could go anyplace else but school.

No matter how hard he tries, Ian Goobie cannot do the things that the other children in his class can do. Then he finds a rock, a rock that fits perfectly into his pocket, a rock that touches all his senses and whisks him away into a whole other world. From then on, as long as he has a rock in his pocket, Ian Goobie can begin to cope with his daily challenges. That is until he stuffs so many rocks in his pockets that his pants fall down right outside in the schoolyard.

Sheree Fitch identifies with Ian. She knows all about the power of rocks. And she herself experiences some of the synesthesia that pulls her character into wonderful fantasy worlds.