ISBN: 9780385660730

The Grave Savers

Author: Sheree Fitch
Publisher: Doubleday Canada

In the wake of a family tragedy, twelve-year-old Minn Hotchkiss is sent to spend the summer with her sour grandmother in the tiny seaside town of Boulder Basin, Nova Scotia. Almost as soon as she arrives, Minn discovers the skull of a human child on the beach. She is swiftly caught up in a mystery that reaches back more than a century, to the aftermath of the most tragic shipwreck in Maritime history before the Titanic.

Over the course of this extraordinary summer, Minn will discover romance with a boy who turns out to be much more than he seems, and learn that the grandmother she resented is more surprising than she had ever guessed. She might even meet a world-famous rock star! By summer’s end, Minn will solve a ghostly mystery and finally give up the terrible secret she has kept locked in her heart.